EGU23 Short Course – Hydroinformatics for hydrology: Introduction to large-scale hydrological modelling

One of the major challenges in water resources management today and in the coming future is reducing the risk related to extreme events, i.e. floods and droughts, mainly through a reliable flow prediction. Large-scale hydrological models have been widely proposed to gain insights into dominant water processes, quantify the role of human-water interactions, and identify emergent global patterns in a changing world.

During the conference EGU23 held in Vienna, the Short Course “Hydroinformatics for hydrology: Introduction to large-scale hydrological modelling” was delivered. This course was co-organized by the Young Hydrologic Society (YHS). Dr. Niko Wanders from Utrecht University was the lecturer of this course.

Dr. Niko Wanders from Utrecht University.

This short course aimed at gaining a better understanding of:

  • historical overview of the field;
  • state-of-the-art, example studies;
  • future directions, emerging opportunities;
  • how you could get started in large-scale hydrological modelling.
Picture taken during the Short Course.

The course materials are available below.

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