The American Geophysical Union (AGU) Hydrology Section Student Subcommittee (H3S) is a group of motivated students and early career scientists who strive to provide student and early career hydrologists with opportunities for professional development, social interaction and networking within the broader geosciences community. Through cyber seminars, blog posts, networking events, and AGU Fall Meeting town halls, H3S hopes to strengthen, inform, and empower the student and early career hydrology community. 


Membership in H3S is open to all students (including undergraduate and graduate) and early career scientists (including post-docs and those within a few years of their terminal degrees). There are approximately 20 members each year. H3S activities are facilitated by a Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and subcommittee chairs. 

Activities & themes

We strive to provide student and early career members with opportunities to grow professionally and socially within the broader geosciences community, an effort we have structured around the following subcommittees:

  • Professional Development – holds events and seminars and creates blog posts that will help student and early career hydrologists grow in a professional setting. This subcommittee has collaborated extensively with the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. to organize cyber seminars related to job applications and the graduate school hidden curriculum
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) – organizes events, town halls, and resources to inform and empower student and early career hydrologists and to ensure actionable change within H3S, our section, and the larger AGU community. This subcommittee also works to ensure that all student and early career scientists have a platform for their voices to be heard by section and AGU leadership. 
  • Blog & Outreach – H3S has an active and ever growing website – https://agu-h3s.org! This committee manages the website and content while also ensuring that the resources reach a diverse audience. The website includes student and early career researcher highlights, pertinent resources related to graduate school and job applications and funding opportunities, the WaterPOC database, and more!
  • Social Media – One of the most important ways we communicate with student and early career scientists is through Twitter. This committee manages H3S’s Twitter (@AGU_H3S) and Instagram (agu_hydrology) accounts, as well as the growing mailing list.
  • AGU Fall Meeting – H3S holds a Networking & Trivia Event each year at AGU, and regularly holds multiple town halls and sessions related to the professional development of student and early career scientists. H3S-developed abstracts are all posted on the H3S blog.  

H3S Member Selection Procedure – The H3S is an inclusive organization that aims to represent all AGU hydrology student and early career members. Students and early career scientists from all backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply for a two-year committee position. Applications open in mid- to late-November and remain open through the end of the year. Applications for membership will be posted at https://agu-h3s.org/.

If you have any questions for AGU H3S, we would love to hear from you at h3s.agu@gmail.com.  

2022 H3S Leadership

Chair: Dan Myers, PhD Candidate, Indiana University, Bloomington. 

Chair-Elect: Danyka Byrnes, PhD Candidate, University of Waterloo

Secretary: Kyle Compare, PhD Student, Florida State University

Treasurer: Zoe Kanavas, PhD Candidate, University of California, Davis