Teaching resources

With the ongoing Corona crisis, universities are closed and in-person classes are/were rapidly transitioning to online courses with only little time for preparation for instructors.

The above is a quote from Matthias Sprenger, that starts a recent EGU blog post about the rapid transition universities are making to online teaching. To support educators YHS is collecting an overview of freely available teaching materials in the hydrologic sciences. Contributions are welcomed!

Watershed Hydrology Lab @ VT

VT Virginia TechVideos and online resources for teaching hydrology, shared by Kevin J. McGuire. Covers a wide range of topics and pulls in material from a large number of lecturers/institutions.

Tools for Groundwater Education

HydroFrameHydroframe is a project to make national hydrologic simulations more accessible, and has interactive models and lesson plans available for groundwater education and outreach.

Flow and Transport in Porous and Fractured Media

Lectures of the 4th Cargèse Summer School on “Flow and Transport in Porous and Fractured media: Development, Protection, Management and Sequestration of Subsurface Fluids“, held in 2018. Videos of lectures are available on Youtube.

Video lectures on Water Quality Modeling and Fluid Mechanics

Video lectures by Adam S. Ward, made publicly available by the Watershed Science, Engineering, & Management Group of Indiana University.