The Young Hydrologic Society 

The Young Hydrologic Society (YHS) is a bottom-up initiative to stimulate the interaction and active participation of young hydrologists within the hydrological community.

Founded in October 2012 the YHS is currently run by a team of enthusiastic MSc’s, PhD’s and post-doc’s from several universities across Europe. Based on its first public meeting at the 2013 European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly in Vienna the YHS established the following goals:

  • Connect young hydrologists early in their career,
  • Organize events to bring together young hydrologists,
  • Provide information for young hydrologists,
  • Create awareness of current and future research topics within hydrology,
  • Reform hydrology towards more involvement of early career hydrologists.

Current means to establish these goals are an online platform in the form of this website and interactive social media groups (YHS LinkedIn, YHS Facebook and YHS Twitter), organization of events to connect young peers, and being involved with the organization of sessions at several international conferences such as AGU and EGU.

The YHS’s definition of “young hydrologist” is anybody that thinks that he or she can benefit from and/or contribute to the YHS, that focuses on the early career (MSc, PhD, Post-Doc) hydrological scientific community, but is not strictly limited to.

Get connected, get inspired and get involved!

Contact younghydrologicsociety@gmail.com if you want to get involved, have ideas or for general inquiries. Why not join the YHS LinkedIn, YHS Facebook and YHS Twitter groups to get connected with other young hydrologists?