National initiatives

We would like to connect as many early-career hydrologists around the globe as possible and think one good way to facilitate this is through active YHS representatives in every country. This might be you?!

Ideally, each country has a small group of active members that form the board of a YHS National Branch. They can organize events for their peers and form the link between a their national hydrological organization(s) and the global early-career hydrology community.

More than ideal would be if one or more of these board members can actively represent the interests of early-career hydrologists at the national hydrological organizations and is the responsible link between a country’s hydrological community and the YHS as a YHS National Representative.

This is how we envision the YHS connecting to you and your peers. Please have a look at some of the National Branches listed below to learn about what they are up to.

Are you interested? Sure you are! The current National Branch in your country is surely interested in your help! You can contact the current National Representative(s) from your country and indicate you would like to contribute. Hold on, what if there is no National Representative or Branch for my country yet? Consider yourself a suitable candidate for starting one and contact with ‘Becoming a national rep’ in the subject line along with your ideas!

YHS National Branches

YHS National Representatives:

Name National Branch
Alban Kuriqi Albania
Sina Khatami Australia
David Wright Australia
Daniel Klotz Austria
Shahadat Hossain Bangladesh
Syed Mustafa Bangladesh
Rollis Jiofack Burkina Faso
Caroline Aubry-Wake Canada
Chris Marsh Canada
Nadine Shatilla Canada
Camila Alvarez Garreton Chile
Pablo Mendoza Chile
Sergio Andrés Salazar Galán Colombia
Ingrid Alfaro López El Salvador
Fasil Teshome Worku Ethiopia
Chris Leong Fiji
Uzair Khan Finland
Catherine Wilcox France
Hannes Müller Germany
Ina Pohle Germany
Nikolaos Vavlas Greece
George Biswas India
Pankaj Dey India
Shakir Ali Khan India
Subir Paul India
Aris Rinaldi Indonesia
Faranak Tootoonchi Iran
Hamidreza Mosaffa Iran
Fouad Hussein Iraq
Shaun Harrigan Ireland
Giulia Zuecco Italy
Elena Cristiano Italy
Mohammad Alqadi Jordan
Ruth Katui Nguma Kenya
Ruben Imhoff Netherlands
Linda Bogerd Netherlands
Isaac Adedeji Nigeria
Bethel Ugochukwu ukazu Nigeria
Andrea Popp Norway
Jonathan Rizzi Norway
Mudassat Umar Pakistan
Shabeh ul Hasson Pakistan
Pedro Rau Peru
Georgy Ayzel Russia
Ansoumana Bodian Senegal
Nikola Zlatanovic Serbia
Katarina Zabret Slovenia
James Ayuk South Africa
Coli Ndzabandzaba South Africa
Modathir Zaroug Sudan
Claudia Teutschbein Sweden
Marius Floriancic Switzerland
Sandra Pool Switzerland
Nilay Dogulu Turkey
Andrew Chiverton UK
Michael Grocott UK
Victoria Coates UK
Niels Claes US/AGU
Wouter Knoben US/AGU
Evans Tembo Zambia

Mapping spatial coverage of current YHS National Reps – let’s turn the whole map blue!

Currently we are still looking for motivated early-career hydrologists to help build up our network. If you are interested, please write us: with ‘Becoming a national rep’ in the subject line.