Get involved

YHS is a bottom-up organization that is always welcoming new enthusiastic hydrologists to contribute to any YHS activities. If you want to get involved with YHS there are several options:

  • Co-organize existing YHS sessions organized at future conferences: YHS organizes sessions at the EGU General Assembly, and the AGU Fall Meeting and other annual conferences. Please contact the convenors of previous years sessions directly and express that you are interested in co-organizing a similar session in future editions.
  • Organize a new session at conferences where YHS is already active: If you have a cool idea to organize a new session at conferences where YHS is already organizing activities, please contact the YHS board members. They will discuss your idea, help to refine it and find team members to help you organize the session.
  • Become active in your own country: YHS tries to stimulate early career researchers to become active in organizing activities in their own countries – to help grow a more interconnected global hydrology network. To support this initiative we have set-up national representatives. We will not micro-manage your activities, but instead, provide an interactive platform to exchange ideas. We will also help you in promoting any activities that you organize.
  • Get involved with within YHS (behind the scenes): YHS works with a group of volunteering early career hydrologists to organize “the behind scenes activities” such as maintaining the website, generating new ideas, writing blog posts, managing social media, etc. If you want to get involved with this, please contact the board.
  • Not sure what you want to do? Contact the YHS board and we will help you in identifying how you can contribute!

Open vacancies

  • Become part of the editorial board of the “YHS Blog
  • Help the web-team with further developing our website and online activities

email YHS board: