The Young Hydrologic Society (YHS) is a bottom-up initiative to stimulate the interaction and active participation of young hydrologists within the hydrological community. The Dutch branch of YHS (YHS-NL) focuses particularly on hydrological young professionals working in or connected to The Netherlands. YHS-NL aims to be the link between early career hydrologists and Dutch hydrological organizations such as the Boussinesq Center for Hydrology (Dutch Scientific Hydrology Center) and the Dutch Hydrological Society (Nederlandse Hydrologische Vereniging, NHV).

Target audience

The YHS’s definition of “young hydrologist” is anybody that thinks that he or she can benefit from and/or contribute to the YHS, that focuses on the early career (MSc, PhD, Post-Doc) hydrological scientific community, but is not strictly limited to. YHS-NL aims to include young professionals from the scientific community, but also targets at young hydrologists from outside academia which deal with hydrological research and development. There are no strict guidelines for the definition ‘young’ or ‘early’. We estimate the target group to be 150 to 200 people inside the Netherlands. Per activity, we estimate to activate +/- 40 persons.

See future activities here.

Organizing committee YHS-NL

  • Lieke Melsen (Wageningen University and Research Centre)
  • Tim van Emmerik (Delft University of Technology)
  • Yvonne Smit (Utrecht University)
  • Margreet van Marle (VU University Amsterdam)

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