Call for applications for the YHS Board 2021-2022

The Young Hydrologic Society (YHS) is a bottom-up initiative to stimulate the interaction and active participation of young hydrologists within the hydrological community.

Founded in October 2012 the YHS is currently run by a team of enthusiastic MScs, PhD students and post-docs from several universities across the world. The YHS board members manage the day to day YHS activities: organising conference sessions, creating blog posts and running the YHS twitter account.

Each board member usually serves a two-year term. Each co-chair can be run as a team of up to three people. The only exceptions are the positions of YHS chair and Secretary. The YHS chair will be chosen from the current board members.

Following positions are open to receive applications:

Secretary: The secretary is responsible to work closely with the Chair to plan meetings, activities, take minutes during the meetings, and help the coordination of different YHS activities with other board members. 1 vacancy.

Co-chair Blog: The co-chair(s) invite contributions to the blog and serve as editors and reviewers. There is a close connection to the EGU Hydrological Sciences, HEPEX and AGU H3S blogs in the form of joint blog posts. Up to 3 vacancies.

Co-chair National Branches: The co-chair(s) support new and established national YHS branches and national representatives where necessary. Current chair staying: Bethel Ugochukwu Ukazu. Up to 2 vacancies.

Co-chair Outreach: The co-chair(s) manage the YHS platforms on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. That includes sharing YHS news, early career events and job opportunities. Current chair staying: Iskra Mejia-Estrada. Up to 2 vacancies.

Co-chair Diversity: The co-chair(s) aim to make all activities of YHS inclusive for all. They provide resources and information and take part in diversity initiatives of the wider community. Current chair staying: Pedro Torralbo. Up to 2 vacancies.

We welcome applications from all Early Career Hydrologists. If you have any questions about the positions you are welcome to contact current or former chairs.

Election Procedure:

  • Open call for candidates in November/December 2020. Interested candidates are invited to apply by sending an email with the subject “YHS Board 2021-2022” with a single file PDF including (1) 200-word statement of purpose for an specified role along with (2) a 2-page CV to by Thursday 15th December 2020
  • Based on the applications a short list for each open position is created by the current secretary/co-chair(s), and the current YHS board selects the new co-chair(s).
  • The new secretary/co-chairs are announced in December and will start their 2-year term from January 2021.
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