We are looking for your feedback!

The Blog Committee 

Correspondence to: Y. H. Society (younghydrologicsociety@gmail.com)

Dear Hydrological Community and Early Career Academic friends,

With a bigger #YHS team in 2021, we are planning to expand the blog! Which topics do you want to read about? Below is a preliminary list; follow the link to vote!

  • Profiles featuring the research and careers of ECAs
  • Tips on funding and career planning
  • Tips on presentations, posters and other academic skills
  • Advice on the transition from academia to industry
  • Examples of hydrology research leading to positive change
  • Experiences of hydrologists moving abroad
  • Experiences of underrepresented groups in research
  • Technical discussions on particular research topics
  • Visions for the future of hydrology from senior researchers
  • Other (please specify)

Please share this poll (linked again!) with friends and colleagues to get as many opinions as possible. We’d also love to see lots of blog submissions from our members this year, so please remember us when you meet someone amazing, publish something cool or want to start an interesting discussion!

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