Hydroinformatics for hydrology: geostatistical modelling

This year’s  focus for “Hydroinformatics for hydrology” short course at EGU GA 2017 was geostatistics. Being introduced to the fundamentals of geostatistics, the participants (> 60, the room was full!) had the opportunity to hear about the applications of geostatistical methods in the hydrological domain using R. We would like to thank Prof. András Bárdossy (University of Stuttgart), Dr. Emmanouil Varouchakis (Technical University of Crete) and Dr. Gerald Corzo Perez (IHE Delft Institute for Water Education). You can find the lecture slides here:

An Introduction to Geostatistics (by András Bárdossy)
Geostatistics in R (by Emmanouil Varouchakis) – will be available here soon, check this post later this month!

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