A quick recap of HydroEco2017

This year’s HydroEco conference in Birmingham focussed on the growing importance of ecosystem services to hydrologic research. The conference successfully highlighted the diversity of this interdisciplinary field, with topics addressing relationships between hydrology, ecosystems and human interactions at different scales. For those interested in the diverse presentations held at HydroEco2017: check #Hydroeco17 on Twitter.

YHS organized a “Gallery walk” which aimed to discuss social issues and inequalities in academia. Poster prompts were hanging in the posters hall allowing each conference participant to share their opinions through writing. Here, we selected some interesting comments on the prompts. Thanks to everyone who participated with their inspiring contributions!

Q: What are the advantages of diversity in science?
A: Scientific results come in a variety of methods, places, and timeframes. Perspective is a key element of discovery. Only with the most broad perspectives can we truly understand our world.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 5.55.53 PM.png

@drjoshlarsen participating in the Gallery Walk

Q: Is it important to maintain a gender balance? Why can it be difficult?
A: Yes. Social justice. Difficulty in few role models as legacy of poor gender balance means upper career stages are disproportionately male. HydroEco has shown the way with great gender balance of speakers.

Q: Who are your science heroes (and why)?
A: G.I. Tayler. He was genius enough to throw out terms in a derivation…and then put them back in! 

Q: What must we do to maintain a work-life-balance?
A: Learn to say “no”. Learn why you say “yes” .

Q: What stresses you about the current phase of your career?
A: Job insecurity — fixed term contracts.

Overall, HydroEco provided a great atmosphere to discuss future research opportunities in ecohydrological research. We are awaiting the next HydroEco conference in Lyon in 2019!

by Andrea Popp, Vivien Rivera and Kevin Roche


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