Profile Series: Sarpong Hammond Antwi

Let’s get the basics. Name, where you are from, and your current affiliation and advisor?

Hi, my name is Sarpong Hammond Antwi. I am originally from Ashanti Region, Ghana. I received an MSc in Energy Policy from the Pan African University (Institute of Water and Energy Sciences), in Tlemcen, Algeria, in 2019 and currently I am a PhD candidate at Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland. I am advised by Dr Suzanne Linnane, Dr David Getty and Dr Alec Rolston.

 What is the research you are currently working on?

My PhD research focuses on water governance and management in the Republic of Ireland. I use a mixed method approach under a theory of change influence to assess the changes in policies and management practices and how this impacts water availability amidst climatic changes, demographic and economic growth, agricultural and land use changes. 

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New YHS-NL Activity: Excursion to the Hedwigepolder

In the final week of September, there will be a summer school near the Hedwigepolder. We have arranged that we can visit on the final day (Friday 30. September). We will receive a tour (starting at 13.00h) and afterwards there will be a BBQ! For the latter we need to know how many of you would like to join, so please fill in this form. The deadline is this Friday, 9. September, at 16.00h, because we need to let the organisers know by Friday afternoon. The transportation costs from the location we meet and the BBQ are free of charge. You only have to get to our meeting spot. More information will follow after you’ve signed up.

 We hope to see many of you there!!

 The Young Hydrologic Society Netherlands
Fransje van Oorschot, Jerom Aerts, Melanie Martyn Rosco, Qianqian Han, Janneke Remmers, Linda Bogerd & Ruben Imhoff

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Dashli volcanic eruption: Do mud volcanoes affect hydrological processes?

A streams of thoughts contribution by Hayat Nasirova; co-edited by Paola Mazzoglio, Ritesh Patro and Swamini Khurana

“Mud volcano” is a generic term commonly used to describe any structure that emits water, mud, or hydrocarbons. Although mud volcanoes occur most commonly offshore, onshore mud volcanoes also exist in selected localities, generally in compressional tectonic settings (Milkov, 2000; Kopf, 2002). The petroleum bearing Caspian basin (CB) is located within the Alpine-Himalayan mobile tectonic belt, where earthquakes and intense modern earth crust movements have been observed. CB is a relic of the Tethys Ocean originating in the post-orogenic stage of regional development. It is an intermountain basin surrounded by mountain systems: Great and Lesser Caucasus, Talysh, Elburs, Kopetdag and Balkhan (Feyzullayev, 2012).

Dashli Island is one such island formed by a mud volcano. It was discovered in the 18th century by Russian sailors under Peter the Great who named it “St. Ignatius Stone”, after Ignatius of Antioch. The Dashli mud volcano emits hotbeds of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) with continuous methane discharge as well (Remizovschi and Carpa, 2021).

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How to write a review article in Hydrology – EGU 22 Short course

One of the fundamental drivers of scientific progress is research integration and synthesis, which is essentially beneficial for developing a research vision. Hence, literature reviews prove to be highly useful to many researchers at all academic stages. Analysing the literature and writing reviews for a thesis, article or project proposal can sometimes be challenging to fresh early-career scientists. For a review paper, even greater attention must be given to the methodological approach to conduct a reproducible and thorough review of the existing scientific literature.

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EGU 22 Short Course: Scientific visualisation: Visualise your data effectively and avoid common pitfalls

On Thursday, 26 May, YHS organized a short course at EGU 2022 in a hybrid format, where Lina Stein, Edoardo Martini, Swamini Khurana, with inputs from Navid Ghajarnia and Sarah Schneeman (Copernicus Imaging team) presented salient features of scientific visualisation and how to create publication ready figures using R and python. Guillaume Vigouroux demonstrated how Inkscape can be used to make simple edits without going back to the code, and to combine numerous figures into one figure.

The course materials are available below:

Github link for scripts

Jamboard for audience engagement about how to improve figures

The presenters can be contacted vie email for any questions and follow-ups:

  • Line Stein:
  • Edoardo Martini:
  • Swamini Khurana:
  • Guillaume Vigouroux:
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