Quick recap on EGU 2017 Short course on Hydrological Forecasting

For the first time at this year’s EGU 2017, HEPEX and the YHS jointly organised a Short course on Hydrological Forecasting. The course was focused on real-time hydrological forecasting and topics covered included:

  • Estimating predictive uncertainty (e.g. ensembles & post-processing)
  • Reducing predictive uncertainty (e.g. data assimilation)
  • Forecast verification (graphical & numeric approaches)
  • Risk-based decision making game for operational water management – it was fun!

Enthusiastic hydrological forecasters at the EGU 2017 short course!

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A quick recap of HydroEco2017

This year’s HydroEco conference in Birmingham focussed on the growing importance of ecosystem services to hydrologic research. The conference successfully highlighted the diversity of this interdisciplinary field, with topics addressing relationships between hydrology, ecosystems and human interactions at different scales. For those interested in the diverse presentations held at HydroEco2017: check #Hydroeco17 on Twitter.

YHS organized a “Gallery walk” which aimed to discuss social issues and inequalities in academia. Poster prompts were hanging in the posters hall allowing each conference participant to share their opinions through writing. Here, we selected some interesting comments on the prompts. Thanks to everyone who participated with their inspiring contributions!

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Hydroinformatics for hydrology: geostatistical modelling

This year’s  focus for “Hydroinformatics for hydrology” short course at EGU GA 2017 was geostatistics. Being introduced to the fundamentals of geostatistics, the participants (> 60, the room was full!) had the opportunity to hear about the applications of geostatistical methods in the hydrological domain using R. We would like to thank Prof. András Bárdossy (University of Stuttgart), Dr. Emmanouil Varouchakis (Technical University of Crete) and Dr. Gerald Corzo Perez (IHE Delft Institute for Water Education). You can find the lecture slides here:

An Introduction to Geostatistics (by András Bárdossy)
Geostatistics in R (by Emmanouil Varouchakis) – will be available here soon, check this post later this month!

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The role of Early Career Scientists in community research

Repost from HEPEX blog

Contributed by Florian Pappenberger and Maria-Helena Ramos (both considerably beyond the early career stages, they admit)

Science and forecasting practice are the foundations of the HEPEX community. These are certainly the routine of many of us during our office hours and while spending time in front of your computers.

But this community is also based on individuals, and this is often what really makes it fun to go to meetings, workshops and conferences. Face-to-face interactions often bring new ideas into form (see also this previous post from CSIRO team), while also helping us to further develop interpersonal skills.

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YHS events at HydroEco2017

There are two events for young hydrologists attending the HydroEco2017  (6th International Multidisciplinary Conference on: Hydrology and Ecology) next week in Birmingham:

**** HydroEco Drinks
**** Gallery Walk

For more information please feel free to contact Andrea Popp (andrea.popp@eawag.ch) or Kevin Roche (k-roche@u.northwestern.edu). Looking forward to meeting you at HydroEco2017!

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