Five years of YHS online

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 5.46.15 PMOn October 18th, 2012 YHS launched this website. The first post announcing the existence of YHS only reached 38 people. Luckily, over time the visits to the website increased. By now, the website has over 50.000 page views by visitors from 162 countries. In the remainder of this post, we will highlight some of the most popular sections of the website.

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Community advice to young hydrologists

Scott T. Allen and Wouter R. Berghuijs
ETH Zurich (
Published 17 October 2017, Download PDF Version

Early career hydrologists can benefit from the advice of others who are more advanced in their careers. We have solicited short answers from established hydrologists to (one or more of) the following questions:

Q1. What book or paper has been most influential to your career and why?
Q2. If I could only work on one problem in hydrology it would be […], because […]
Q3. What is your golden tip for current early career scientists?
Q4. What (avoidable) mistakes did you make early in your career?
Q5. How can young scientists improve their writing or presentations?

We thank all hydrologists that have been so generous to share their knowledge and took the effort to respond. The advice here reflects a diversity of philosophies that have led to a wide variety of careers. All responses are listed below (in alphabetical order). Enjoy reading!

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Five years of Young Hydrologic Society

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the Young Hydrologic Society. To celebrate this occasion, we will have daily posts covering highlights of the past years, an outlook to the future, and several other surprises.

In our first post of the week, we keep it short and focus on the most important part: YOU! We thank everyone that has actively contributed and/or participated to YHS activities over the past years. Without your generous help and your enthusiasm, none of this would have been possible.

 We had a lot of fun! We hope you did so too!

 On to the next five years!


Wouter Berghuijs, Nilay Dogulu, Harsh Beria, Andrea Popp, Shaun Harrigan, Hannes Müller, Marius Floriancic, Tim van Emmerik.

Here’s a link to a paper that describes a bit of the history of YHS.

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Hallway Conversations – Harry Lins

A –Streams of Thought– contribution by Nilay Dogulu.


Harry Lins at WMO Secretariat, Geneva (September 2017)

Dr. Harry Lins is a hydrologist specialized in stochastic hydrology and hydroclimatology, and the current President of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Commission for Hydrology (CHy). He chaired the annual meeting of the Advisory and Management Committees for the Associated Programme on Flood Management (APFM) (held from 4-5 September 2017 at WMO Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland). Attending the same meeting as part of my (external) consultancy for the APFM Technical Support Unit, I took the opportunity to interview him. Harry Lins kindly accepted answering our questions during one of the lunch breaks in between his busy schedule full of meetings.
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Hallway Conversations – Claudio Caponi

A –Streams of Thought– contribution by Nilay Dogulu.


Claudio Caponi in his office at the WMO Secretariat in Geneva

Claudio Caponi is the Chief of the Division of Capacity Building in Hydrology and Water Resources – one of the three divisions under the WMO’s Climate and Water (CLW) Department, Hydrology and Water Resources (HWR) Branch. He has been working at WMO Secretariat in Geneva since January 1999. He has substantial experience in capacity building for hydrological services particularly in developing countries. I met Claudio Caponi for the first time during the Expert Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in a changing climate: Lessons learned on lessons learned back in early 2015. Furthermore, I had the pleasure to work with him this summer during my time at WMO as a consultant for the HWR Branch. I took this opportunity and interviewed him to understand about the hydrological practice in the world. He kindly answered our questions at the WMO Secretariat attic floor with the amazing view of the Lake of Geneva.

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