Hallway Conversations – Zahra Kalantari (October 2021)

Contribution by Samaneh Seifollahi (SS)

Zahra Kalantari is an Associate Professor in Environmental and Engineering Geosciences for Sustainability in the Anthropocene and a Docent in Physical Geography. She is affiliated with Royal Institute for Technology, KTH, and Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden. Zahra is also the Director of Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO) in Greece, and a Research Area Co-Leader for Landscape processes and climate within Bolin Centre for Climate Researchat Stockholm University. Her research focuses on understanding of earth and human systems, technology and innovation solutions to planet’s most pressing environmental challenges related to the change effects of climate, land- and water-use in terrestrial environments.

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Profile Series: Josefin Thorslund

Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University (Sweden) and Utrecht University (Netherlands)

My name is Josefin Thorslund, I am from Sweden and I’m currently working at the Department of Physical Geography, both at Stockholm University and at Utrecht University, through a mobility grant funded by the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development; FORMAS.

I’m a hydrologist with a background in water quality assessment. My current research project is about freshwater salinisation, both assessing its large-scale drivers and quantifying its impact on quality-driven water scarcity, particularly for the irrigation sector around the world. This is needed because elevated salinity of freshwater resources is a common water quality issue, which could strongly affect water availability.

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Profile series: Danlu Guo

Let’s get the basics. Name, where you are from, and your current affiliation and advisor?

My name is Danlu Guo, currently working as a postdoc research fellow in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, University of Melbourne. My supervisor is Prof Andrew Western.

What is the research you are currently working on?

I’m currently working on an ARC Linkage Project (LP170100710) – a collaboration between Melbourne University and Rubicon Water. My recent work focuses on developing an uncertainty-based framework to inform irrigation scheduling using ensemble weather forecasts.I’m also collaborating with NSW Natural Resources Committee on the identifying and explaining the long-term trends in water quantity and quality in forested catchments throughout NSW.

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Online Networking Event with H3S and YHS!

What: Online networking event organized by H3S and YHS

Who: Early career hydrologists

When: 10th June 2021, 15:00 UTC

Register here: Meeting Registration – Zoom

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Challenging Workplace Negativity

EGU’21 held a Great Debate: Challenging discrimination in the geosciences: amplifying unheard voices. I started thinking about all the conversations I have had over the past few years. Every day I hear more and more accounts of countless people facing difficult situations at their workplace. Situations where it was plain as day that they were being discriminated against. Situations where people walked away, made them feel  as if they were at fault when they were harassed or abused. Equally importantly, some coworkers have been in situations where it was difficult to identify the source of the negativity; were they being systematically discriminated against, or did they just have bad co-workers? As with many things in life, there is often no simple answer here.

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