Opinion papers in hydrology: Why and how? (short course) at EGU 2017


Opinion paper short course at EGU17

by Anna Solcerova (Delft University of Technology, convener)

Young (and mature) scientist visiting the EGU 2017 conference had a chance to participate on a short course titled “Opinion papers in hydrology: Why and how”. Bettina Schaefli, Vazken Andréassian, and Hubert Savenije shared their experience and opinions on this topic. Participants of this course could enjoy insights into pros and cons of opinion papers, as well as personal advice of the speakers. Bettina suggested to base an opinion on a quantifiable message, while Huub believes that opinion paper should be personal and controversial. Vazken discussed the use of humour in opinion papers and emphasised the readability. Two things all speakers agreed on was that one should write only few opinion papers, and that good opinion needs “time to settle in” (just like pancake batter).

Find their presentations here:

Bettina Schaefli – Opinion papers as a tool for research branding
Hubert Savenije – Opinion papers
Vazken Andréassian – Opinion papers

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