Events for Early Career Scientists at the AGU 2016 Fall Meeting

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2016 Fall Meeting (FM) in San Francisco is quickly approaching and there are a number of events that early career scientists (ECSs)–from students to postdocs to junior researchers–will not want to miss. These events are being organized by the Hydrology Section Student Subcommittee (H3S) and supported by AGU. For more up-to-date information on times and places for these events, Fall Meeting attendees can follow H3S on Twitter at @AGU_H3S or visit the AGU site:

Student & Early Career Scientist Conference
The student and early career scientist conference (SECC) is scheduled to take place on Sunday, December 11. It is open to all student and early career scientist attendees but space is limited so be sure to register for the SECC when you register online for the 2016 FM. The interdisciplinary science track will include technical sessions on effective figure making, model development and uses as well as an expert panel will focus on the Food-Water-Energy nexus. The professional track will include sessions on data management, science communication, and publishing, to name a few.

Pop-Up Talks
Pop-up talks are short, 5 minute talks that offer ECSs a platform to share their ideas with fellow scientists and the general public. Please consider attending and supporting your fellow ECSs. The Social Dimensions of Geoscience Pop-Up will be held on Monday. The Water Sciences Pop-Up talks will take place on Tuesday. For more up-to-date information on times and locations of the pop-up talks please visit:

Community Service Activity
The service committee of H3S is collaborating with a Palo Alto, California based non-profit, Grassroots Ecology ( to participate in a volunteer water quality monitoring event on Saturday, December 15. For more information and to register, please visit:

Meet Your Hydrology Section Student Representative
H3S will schedule time for ECSs attending the 2016 FM to meet their Hydrology Section student representative, Evan Kipnis. This meeting is also an opportunity to voice your ideas on the future direction of the AGU Hydrology Section and H3S. All ECSs are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussion. For more information on the time and place of this meeting, please follow H3S on Twitter @AGU_H3S or contact your Hydrology Section student representative, Evan Kipnis, directly (

Hydrologist Bingo
Join us for the 2nd annual Hydrologist Bingo activity! Rules are the same as last year (see previous post here), but you may see a few new faces on the bingo cards. Bingo cards can be picked up from the following locations:

–  SECC Registration Table
–  CUAHSI Booth in Exhibit Hall
–  Hydrology Section Business Luncheon
–  CUASHI Mixer at Jillians

Student Lounge
AGU is hosting a lounge at the 2016 FM for students to mingle with other young AGU attendees or just take a break from the hustle of the conference. Throughout the week, AGU will organize several activities here, so be sure to keep an eye out for the full schedule:

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