Hydrologist Bingo at AGU Fall Meeting 2015

This year you have to opportunity to participate in the first ever Hydrologist Bingo!

Bingo rules:

The goal of this bingo is to “collect” the hydrologists on this card. This is done by introducing yourself and talk to them. If you stick to the rules, they will sign their photo. When you have a bingo (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or FULL card), take a picture and tweet it to @AGU_H3S with #HydroBingo, or come to the Bingo-table in the poster hall. Every day we will distribute some prizes! To make sure it’s a pleasant experience for everyone, please:

  • Make sure you are prepared for the talk. Find out where the person is working, and in which area of hydrology (s)he is involved.
  • Leave a good impression and don’t ask people just to sign your card!
  • Respect when someone doesn’t have time for you. All hydrologists gave their permission to be included in this event, but they might have an extremely busy schedule at the Fall Meeting.
  • Write down lessons you have learned from your talk and share them with other student on the Bingo-table in the poster-hall, or through Twitter #HydroBingo
  • It is more important to talk with the right people and to inspire and be inspired, than to complete your Bingo-card!
  • Many of the people will come to the CUAHSI mixer on Tue 15 Dec from 6 to 8 PM at Jilian’s.
  • The topic of the talk can be content-wise, but also on science in general, e.g. gender issues, communication. Need inspiration?
  1. What was your biggest challenge in your career?
  2. How does one become successful in networking?
  3. How can we solve the current gender inequalities in hydrology?
  4. Did you make sacrifices in your personal life to become successful in academia?

Bingo rules!



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