Call for applications: AGU Hydrology Student Subcommittee

The Hydrology Section Student Subcommittee (H3S) of the American Geophysical Union serves and represents all student members of the organization whose research interests contain a hydrological component.

H3S was established in 2014 with the goals of: (1) creating opportunities to enhance the experience of student and Early Career members of the Hydrology section; (2) fostering dialogue between current and future generations of hydrologists around the globe; and (3) working closely with the section leadership to identify and propose innovative ways for mentoring and networking young scientists. The committee achieves these goals by organizing activities at the AGU Meetings and by online forums throughout the year. Examples are the Student & Early Career Scientist Conference, and the Pop-Up sessions at the Fall Meeting, both initiated in 2014. Furthermore H3S is committed to propose ideas that foster broad thinking, enhance science communication (@AGU_H3S), and increase diversity. More info can be found on the H3S website.

The committee currently comprises seven students, each member serving a minimum of one calendar year (Feb-Jan), up to two years. Meetings are held once every month and are led by the committee chair, who is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Hydrology section. The chair is the spokesperson for the committee and has tiebreaker rights over group decisions. The committee co-chair is first substitute in the chair’s absence, and this person also assumes leadership as chair the following year. The secretary is responsible for committee organization, meeting minutes, and email inquiries. Subcommittees are organized according to committee goals and activities, which are outlined at the beginning of the year.  New members of the committee are elected by the current membership and approved by the section leadership.

For 2016, the committee is looking for 3 new members as well as a new co-chair. The H3S aims to represent all AGU hydrology early career members, and we encourage all to apply for a committee position. An application consists of a CV, and a statement of maximum 250 words on why you want to serve on this committee, and why you would make a good committee members/co-chair.

Applications can be sent to the current chair Tim van Emmerik: Feel free to ask us questions about the committee or the application procedure.

Deadline for applications: 14 February 2016

Appointment: 1 March 2016


Twitter: @AGU_H3S

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