Meet the expert in hydrology – The mystery of evaporation

This year at the EGU GA in Vienna (12th to 17th April) the YHS organized another “Meet the expert in hydrology” session with the theme: “the mystery of evaporation”. A panel of three senior scientists presented their vision of the main current and future challenges within evaporation research, followed by a fantastic open discussion with over 60 participants, continuing for over an hour. We thank Prof. Christel Prudhomme (Centre of Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), Wallingford, UK), Prof. Henk de Bruin (Associate Professor Emeritus, Wageningen University, Netherlands), Prof. Michael Roderick (Australian National University), and the attendees for a great session and lively discussion! You can find the presentation slides here:

Michael Roderick – Understanding Evaporation and Latent Heat Flux

Christel Prudhomme – Hydrology and Evaporation: What should we use?

Henk de Bruin – (New) Methods of Observation

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