Call for Applicants

The AGU Hydrology Section is looking for a new Student Representative!

All AGU Section and Focus Group executive boards aim to have one student member. These AGU Student Representatives (SR) have the task to represent the early career scientists and act as the voice of the new generation. In short, the SR tasks are to:

1. Join the executive board meeting at the AGU Fall Meeting
2. Be involved in improving student events and programs
3. Act as the to-go-to person for students with new ideas and suggestions.

If you are selected to become the new SR, you will serve a term of two years. In the first year (2015), you will function as the SR-elect. This means that you have time to get to know your way within AGU and get familiar with the people you’ll be working with. You will form a team with the SR. The rationale is that as a team you can act more effectively, and this ensures continuity between SRs. In the second year (2016) you’ll become the official SR, taking over the official responsibilities.

Applications can be sent to the Hydrology Section Secretary, Terri Hogue ( and should include:

– Brief motivation & action plan (max. 400 words)
– CV
– Recommendation/Support Letter from advisor

The deadline of for applying is Jan 31st. You’ll hear back from the Hydrology Section within a month.

More info:

In addition to the SR, student members can also join the Hydrology Section Student Committee. This committee consists of ~4 students and is chaired by the SR. The task of the Student Committee is to organize student & early career scientist oriented events and sessions during the AGU Fall Meeting. Successful examples from last year were the Student & Early Career Scientists Conference (…/student-early-career-scientis…/) and the Water Sciences Pop-Ups ( If you’re interested in joining this committee, you can send your notice of interest to me ( This should include:
– Brief motivation & action plan (max. 400 words)
– CV

The deadline for applying is Jan 31st. You’ll hear back from me within a month.

If you have any questions regarding the Student Representative position or the Student Committee, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tim van Emmerik

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