EGU 22 Short Course: Scientific visualisation: Visualise your data effectively and avoid common pitfalls

On Thursday, 26 May, YHS organized a short course at EGU 2022 in a hybrid format, where Lina Stein, Edoardo Martini, Swamini Khurana, with inputs from Navid Ghajarnia and Sarah Schneeman (Copernicus Imaging team) presented salient features of scientific visualisation and how to create publication ready figures using R and python. Guillaume Vigouroux demonstrated how Inkscape can be used to make simple edits without going back to the code, and to combine numerous figures into one figure.

The course materials are available below:

Github link for scripts

Jamboard for audience engagement about how to improve figures

The presenters can be contacted vie email for any questions and follow-ups:

  • Line Stein:
  • Edoardo Martini:
  • Swamini Khurana:
  • Guillaume Vigouroux:
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