Call for Applications – YHS National Representatives

About YHS

At YHS we like to connect with as many young hydrologists (graduate students and early career scientists) around the globe as possible and think one good way to facilitate this is through active YHS representatives in every country. This might be you?!

Ideally, each country has a small group of active members that form the board of a YHS National Branch. They organize events for their peers in-country, are the links to their national hydrological organization(s) and the global early-career hydrology community.

This is how we envision the YHS connecting to you and your peers. Please have a look at some of the national branches on our website, to learn about their activities (

Are you interested? Please join us!

How to Apply.

If you would like to start a YHS chapter in your country or join us to build local network in your country, please submit your application including a cover letter explaining your motivation and your short CV (max 2 pages) to with the subject line ‘National Reps call for application 2021’

Based on the applications a shortlist is prepared by the National Branches committee current co-chair(s) and recommended to the current YHS board for confirmation.


31st May 2021

Terms of Reference for National representatives

YHS is a voluntary people lead and driven organization. There are no hard and fast rules how activities and its management is conducted. However, the below are only guide terms for reference to provide some ideas of what is expected.

  1. In collaboration and consultation with the YHS global team, the national representative will define a comprehensive plan and execute YHS initiatives in the country.
  2. Oversee all YHS initiatives and activities in the country.
  3. Mobilizing, training, and management of YHS members in that country in close consultation with YHS National Branches committee.
  4. Responsible for driving and implementing activities and projects developed for the country.
  5. Lead, train and supervise local YHS Higher Education institutions student ambassadors and ensure active participation, performance, and brand penetration across the country.
  6. Provide guidance in the preparation of programs and development initiatives for your country. Also, plan and organise such programmes as deemed suitable for the local young hydrologist community.
  7. Ensures active participation of country delegation in our major conferences, forums, and events.
  8. The country director is a signatory to an IHAV account opened in your country.
  9. An ideal National representative actively represents the interests of early-career hydrologists at the national hydrological organizations and is the responsible link between a country’s hydrological community and the YHS as a national representative.
  10. Able to have regular meetings with country colleagues and provide updates, feedback, and new ideas to YHS global Team through the National Branches committee.
  11. Able to commit at least 2 hours of work per week .

Required Competencies of a National representatives


• Inclusion and respect for diversity: respect and promote individual and cultural differences; encourage diversity and inclusion wherever possible.

• Integrity and transparency: maintain high ethical standards and act in a manner consistent with the YHS code of conduct.

Core Competencies – behavioural indicators

• Teamwork: develop and promote effective collaboration within and across units to achieve shared goals.

• Commitment: to achieving agreed outcomes.

• Managing and sharing knowledge: continuously seeks to learn, share knowledge and innovate. • Communication: encourage and contribute to clear and open communication; explain complex matters in informative, inspiring, and motivational ways.

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