IAHS Workshops at IUGG 2019 in Montréal

The 27th International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) General Assembly 2019 (IUGG 2019) is organized in Montréal, Québec, Canada between July 8-19, 2019. The sessions within scientific program of IAHS can be seen in this here. The full IUGG 2019 searchable scientific program is available and can be accessed through this link.

IAHS Early Career Committee complements the IAHS scientific program with 5 workshops. Although these workshops are organized by and for Early Career Scientists, they are open to everyone. Don’t forget to add them in your schedule!

  • Using R in Hydrology (Tue, July 9 10:00-12:00 / @Room 519A) – Conveners: Michelle Newcomer, Svenja Fischer, Kartic Bera, Tirthankar Roy
  • Ensemble Streamflow Forecasting and Reservoir Optimization (Tue, July 9 16:00-18:00 / @Room 519B) – Conveners: Gokcen Uysal, Michelle Newcomer, Jean N. Namugize, Kartic Bera
  • How to write and publish a paper in hydrology (Wed, July 10 10:00-12:00 / @Room 519A) – Conveners: Svenja Fischer, Giovanny Mosquera, Jean N. Namugize, Kartic Bera, Joris Eekhout
  • Hydrological Research and Practice: Where is the Harmony? (Wed, July 10 14:00-16:00 / @Room 516D) – Conveners: Nilay Dogulu, Gokcen Uysal, Honeyeh Iravani, Elzbieta Wisniewski
  • Science Communication (Thu, July 11 14:00-16:00 / @Room 519A) – Conveners: Joris Eekhout, Honeyeh Iravani, Elzbieta Wisniewski, Tirthankar Roy, Giovanny Mosquera

There will be also a Hydro Drinks ( and Dinner) event on Thu, July 11 evening. It is a social (non-sponsored) event aimed at Early Career scientists. The location will be announced during the week. Keep yourself updated via @YoungHydrology!

Please see below a list of suggested events by IAHS ECC:

  • IUGG Opening Ceremony – Wed, July 10 16:00-18:00 / @Room 517
  • IAHS UPH: Unsolved Problems in Hydrology initiative – Wed, July 10 / 18:00-20:00 / @Room 511 (*Business Meeting*)
  • IUGG Union Lecture: IAHS by Veena Srinivasan – Thu, July 11 / 11:00-11:30 / @Room 511 / Title: Bridging the Science-Policy Gap to address India’s Water Crisis: Insights from Cauvery Basin research (see full list of Union Lectures here)
  • IAHS Panta Rhei – Thu, July 11 / 18:00-20:00 / @Room 517 (*Business Meeting*)
  • IUGG Symposium “Celebrating Early Career Scientists”
  • IAHS Plenary and Award Ceremony – Fri, July 12 / 16:30-20:00 / @Room 517
  • IAHS Dinner – Fri, July 12 / from 19:00 / TBA
  • Early Career Scientists’ Symposium – Fri, July 12th &  Sat, July 13th / 13:30-15:00 & 16:30-18:00 / @Room 511
  • IUGG Awards Ceremony – Sat, July 13 18:15-20:00 / @Room 511
  • IUGG Closing Ceremony – Wed, July 17 16:30-18:00 / @Room 517

We look forward to meeting you in Montréal!

IAHS Early Career Committee
Joris Eekhout (ICCE), Tirthankar Roy (ICCLAS), Michelle Newcomer (ICGW), Kartic Bera (ICRS), Svenja Fischer (ICSH), Elzbieta Wisniewski (ICSIH), Honeyeh Iravani (ICSW), Giovanny Mosquera (ICT), Jean Namugize (ICWQ), Gokcen Uysal (ICWRS), Nilay Dogulu (Chair), Tim van Emmerik (Co-chair)

PS. A summary of Early Career Events at IAHS 2017 can be read on YHS Streams of Thought Blog.

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