Five years of Young Hydrologic Society

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the Young Hydrologic Society. To celebrate this occasion, we will have daily posts covering highlights of the past years, an outlook to the future, and several other surprises.

In our first post of the week, we keep it short and focus on the most important part: YOU! We thank everyone that has actively contributed and/or participated to YHS activities over the past years. Without your generous help and your enthusiasm, none of this would have been possible.

 We had a lot of fun! We hope you did so too!

 On to the next five years!


Wouter Berghuijs, Nilay Dogulu, Harsh Beria, Andrea Popp, Shaun Harrigan, Hannes Müller, Marius Floriancic, Tim van Emmerik.

Here’s a link to a paper that describes a bit of the history of YHS.

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