Update from H3S

By Niels Claes

Less than 5 months to go until the AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans starts and H3S are shifting into a higher gear with the preparation of following Fall Meeting activities:

For now, we have 3 workshops in the pipeline organized by H3S and one Town Hall in collaboration with the Water Resources Research (WRR) Journal.  Our own workshops will focus on cultural differences, the difference in career tracks after graduation, and the connection between science and the private industry and policy making. The Town Hall in collaboration with WRR will address the question of quality in review and publishing and how to get the word out about your own research. Throughout the conference we will be organizing a scavenger hunt with new questions or challenges every day and exciting prizes. This year, we scheduled 4 pop up sessions as alternative format lightning style talks:

– 5th Annual Water Sciences Pop-Up (Session ID: 26129) *

– Productive stupidity: Movement towards a growth mindset in graduate research (Session ID: 25528)*

– Cultural Responses to Global Change (Session ID: 25542)*

– A Scientist’s Place: Redefining the Role of Science in a Dynamic World (Session ID: 25723)

However, due to AGU first author rules, participants in the sessions marked with (*), cannot present anything else at the conference as first author (unless invited). A Scientist’s Place session is in Public Affairs, and therefore, participants can submit a first authored abstract to that session and another session.  (Full rules can be found here: http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2017/abstract-submissions/author-policy/ )

We are working on a creative alternative for this issue, so keep an eye on our twitter account (@AGU_H3S) for updates and news!

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