“Hypothesis testing in Hydrology” at EGU 2017

EGU 2017: Call for abstracts (Submission deadline: Jan 11, 2017, Financial support application deadline: Dec 1, 2016).

We are organizing the PICO session “Hypothesis testing in Hydrology” at the upcoming EGU 2017. What is a PICO? Find out via the following link: http://egu2017.eu/pico.html

We have two sollicited speakers this year: James Kirchner (ETH Zürich) and Josie Geris (University of Aberdeen). If you have a nice idea for a short PICO-talk related to hypothesis testing, whether it is based on experimental data, model outcome or you even have a more philosophical approach, please submit your abstract to our PICO session!

More information on the session can be found in the flyer and via the following link:http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2017/session/23936.
The session is co-organized by the Young Hydrologic Society (youngHS.com), so even more reason for all of you to apply!

In case you have any questions regarding our session, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ina Pohle, Inge Wiekenkamp, Michael Stockinger and Tim van Emmerik

Hypothesis Testing PICO.png

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