Tips and resources for giving a Pop-Up talk (AGU submission deadline Aug 3!)

For the third consecutive year, Pop-Ups are taking place at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting!  Pop-Up talks are brief, informal talks organized by students for the AGU community. The goal of pop-up talks is to open a space for sharing well-articulated ideas in short five minute presentations. Pop-Up talks are popular beyond AGU and take place at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly, the Ocean Sciences Meeting, and at the Gilbert Club. Anyone is welcome to give a pop-up talk, from undergraduates to senior scientists, and everyone in between. We encourage non-traditional presentation formats!

Why you should consider presenting:

  • You have stimulating conversations with your lab mates that fall outside the realm of what you publish, and you want to share these ideas with the world.
  • You are curious.
  • You have insight on what works or doesn’t work so well on issues you’re passionate about.
  • You want to practice public speaking in a friendly environment.


Giving a pop-up talk is both fun and great practice for giving oral presentations. We suggest the following tips: pick three main points or a take-home message; start preparing early; think about body language; nail the first seven seconds, and practice, practice, practice! Here are some more resources to guide you when preparing your pop-up: Also check out the Young Hydrologic Society’s YouTube channel for previous years’ talks:

A note about our selection process. The pop-up sessions conveners select talks based on the quality of the abstract, relation to session theme, and the diversity of the topic and/or speaker. We hope that pop-up talks this year will feature students, researchers, industry and AGU community members from all walks of life and career stages.

Please consider submitting an abstract! The deadline is August 3rd. For more information and to submit an abstract, visit:

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