AGU Hydrology Student Activities in 2016

By Kevin Roche and Evan Kipnis

The Hydrology Section Student Subcommittee (H3S) of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) is having a productive year! H3S creates opportunities for hydrology students and early career scientists to connect with one another, interface with established researchers and professionals, and develop career-related skills. In previous years, H3S has championed the organization of student events at the AGU Fall Meeting such as the Student and Early Career Conference and Pop-Up Talks. For 2016, H3S aims to continually improve these events while expanding representation of AGU student membership in the Fall Meeting program.

In the past few months, H3S has seen an expansion in student leadership. This subcommittee numbered seven members for it’s inaugural year in 2015, chaired by Tim van Emmerik (TU Delft). This year’s membership, chaired by Evan Kipnis (University of Utah), has grown to eleven members spanning five different nationalities, ten different universities, and is 55 percent female. The current subcommittee hopes to represent the diverse scientific and professional interests of the hydrology section’s student membership through online activities and programming during the AGU Fall Meeting.

With booming participation H3S plans to continue the organization of successful student programs from previous years while expanding the scope of professional focus areas not currently accessible through current AGU programs. These focus areas include diversity and inclusion, service, mentorship, and online content.

Focus Areas within H3S

Diversity and Inclusion
The H3S focus on diversity and inclusion is committed to creating an open and inclusive culture for all members of the AGU community. Members interested in diversity and inclusion aim to participate in Fall Meeting programming and see these themes take part throughout H3S activities. The diversity and inclusion focus area is led by Chelsea Morris (Cornell University).

The H3S focus on service encourages students and early career scientists (S&ECS) to explore how they can serve society and include acts of service as fundamental components of their scientific careers. Our goals are to inspire S&ECS to engage with and serve their communities, provide information on service opportunities and resources, and promote skills such as building stakeholder partnerships, carrying out community supported service projects, and reflecting on this experience. The service focus area is led by Kevin Roche (Northwestern University).

The H3S focus on mentorship understands the value of connecting student members with senior scientists and professionals. We hope to facilitate events that bridge early career scientists with more experienced union members. The mentorship focus is led by Evan Kipnis (University of Utah).

The H3S focus on outreach aims to join together AGU membership through promoting hydrology news, journals, and opportunities including H3S activities through social media, webpage content, and publishing online articles. The outreach focus is led by Harsh Beria (IIT Kharagpur).

Student Member Events at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting

Student and Early Career Conference, Interdisciplinary Science Track


Figure 1: An engaged audience at the sold-out 2015 SECC


Figure 2: H3S member Sheila Saia responding to one of the many written prompts at the 2015 SECC Gallery Walk

This Student and Early Career Conference (SECC) is an opportunity for students and other early career scientists within the AGU community to make social, intellectual, and professional connections prior to the Fall Meeting. During the Interdisciplinary Science Track attendees gain information and insight into technical skills as well as an opportunity to hear from and discuss an interdisciplinary science topic with expert scientists during a “Meet the Experts” session. Organization of the interdisciplinary science track will be led by Vanessa Garayburu Caruso (University of New Mexico). Information about last year’s conference can be found here.

Pop-Up Talks
The Water Science Pop-ups provide young scientists the opportunity to give 5 minute presentations on their future vision(s) of water sciences. We offer a platform for scientists to share ideas with peers and the general public. Presentations should strive to go beyond one’s research to address broader issues. This pop-up session is open to both students and early-career scientists. Selections will be based on ensuring a diverse range of topics, speaker backgrounds, and future ideas. This year’s Water Science Pop-ups will be chaired by Niels Claes (University of Wyoming).


Figure 3: One of many participants at the 2015 H3S Pop-Up Sessions

The Social Dimensions in Geosciences Pop-ups promote broader participation in the geosciences to promote diversity, equality, and stakeholder involvement while tackling complex, contemporary issues. This session provides a forum for all AGU members to share success stories, discuss challenges, and calls for future directions related to the social dimensions of geosciences in 5 minute presentations. Topics may include both the inward- and the outward-looking needs for the AGU community. This year’s Social Dimensions in Geosciences Pop-ups is chaired by Natasha Krell (UC Santa Barbara).

If you are interested in participating in pop-ups for 2016 submit your abstracts here.

AGU Fall Meeting Undergraduate Mentoring Program
This program offers undergraduate attendees with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a faculty/professional mentor throughout the Fall Meeting. Mentors are AGU members who will volunteer up to an hour of their time each day during the Fall Meeting throughout sessions, networking events, or meals. Student mentees will be selected based on personal statements with the goals of fostering gender, racial, ethnic, and institutional diversity.

Learn more about this the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting Undergraduate Mentoring Program from here

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