The International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) General Assembly 2017

In 2017, the IAHS General Assembly will take place in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, from 9 to 15 July. YHS, in collaboration with the WaterNet Alumni Association, aims to organize several sessions and events during this conference, and for this we are looking for enthusiastic people who want to be actively involved. We are looking for people, preferably from diverse backgrounds, who might attend IAHS 2017. Over the last 3 years, YHS has developed several successful session formats, among which:

  • How to write & review a paper in hydrology: one or two well-known hydrologists are invited to present their tips & tricks about paper writing and reviewing, and how to deal with your supervisors, co-authors and editors. This session includes time for questions and active discussion among the attendees and the speakers.
  • Meet the Expert in hydrology: three well-known hydrologists are invited to discuss their visions on a certain topic. First, all experts will share their visions in short presentations. Then, there is room for questions and extensive further discussion among the attendees and experts. Past editions discussed ‘hydrology in a changing world’, ‘the mystery of evaporation’ and ‘how to work inter/multi/trans-disciplinary’.
  • Pop-Ups: 5 min presentations by early career scientists that strive to go beyond one’s research. This TED-style session provides a platform to share inspiring ideas and new visions.
  • Short courses: several 1-1.5h short courses have been organized with experts from the field. Topics included hydro-informatics and teaching hydrology.
    Besides these sessions, there’s also plenty of room to develop new session formats, or to focus on purely social activities.

If you are interested in organizing a session with us, or have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Tim van Emmerik (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands) –
Joanna Fatch (University of the Western Cape) –

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