EGU Teaching Hydrology workshop

On Wednesday morning YHS organized the ‘Teaching Hydrology’ workshop, an interactive session for everyone who is interested in teaching. About 30 people gathered, varying from just-started PhD-candidates with little or no experience in teaching, to professors with ample experience in teaching.  The morning started with a short assignment, where the group was divided into teachers and students. The teacher had to explain the concept of the Unit Hydrograph to the ‘student’. We evaluated the different teaching styles that the teachers had applied to explain the concept to their ‘students’. After that, Jan Seibert presented his view on teaching. Here we learned that throughout the study, the student should be confronted with frustration, in order to learn to deal with frustration during his or her MSc thesis. Of course this was a good starting point for an interactive discussion with the participants. After the coffee break, the session continued with a long assignment. The participants were introduced to the Kolb inductive learning cycle, and after that had to develop a inductive learning cycle themselves in a group. We saw many interesting examples from the  different groups, how to explain rating curve uncertainty, how to conduct a model study, how conductivity can be demonstrated, etc. We hope the session inspired the participants – from old and experienced to young and inexperienced – to carefully review their teaching process and think about the impact that they can have as a teacher on the students.



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