A Poem Summarizing Today’s Conference

Starting with an activity that’s this years hype,
You experienced that talking to peers is better than a swipe

In the first session we have seen that measuring from great height,
Can put geosciences in a completely new light

You can spy on your peers to see what they’re doing today,
And check whether your research station has blown away

The most intriguing thing I didn’t know one can do,
Is count penguins by looking at the stains of their poo

Remote sensing makes it easier for you to stay indoors,
But do you really observe your catchments driving force?

Perhaps all geoscientists should put their boots on the ground,
To make their research a bit more scientifically sound

Or to eventually allow the world to produce more food,
Heaps more measurement stations would be good

Talking about fieldwork, everyone silently agreed,
Might that be what politics  currently need

After lunch, in your coma, you were all caught off guard,
But next year you will all win a best poster award

Lastly you tried to solve the problem California is facing,
By getting interactive rather than passively gazing

Many creative ideas and solutions you have provided today,
Just swap avocados for burgers in the diet of californi-ay

After today getting dry myself is what I fear,
Let’s have a drink and see you next year 

By Tim van Emmerik



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