About the Blog

About the Blog

Hello, and welcome to the Young Hydrologic Society (YHS) – Blog! We have three formats of blog posts:

  • Streams of Thought are regular blog posts that stimulate hydrologically themed discussions. A steady stream of community-authored blog posts will be published to help guide and focus the discussions.
  • Hallway Conversations summarize informal discussions between young hydrologists and established researchers. They will highlight the diversity of work that spans sub-disciplines in hydrology and explore links to other fields.
  • Research “Hylights” is a series of excellent papers and posters by early career scientists which will be showcased on the YHS website. Selection criteria are not set in stone, but reasons to select work can include e.g. novelty and relevance of findings, fun of reading, unique collaborations, media coverage and generated controversy. Selected work will be provided with a short layman summary, and a short written or video interview with the author.

How can you get involved?

We encourage community authorship to diversify discussion topics and more completely unite and connect the YHS community. That is, we encourage article contributions from our student and early career peers! If you are interested in contributing as an author, please contact our friendly editorial staff. We will help you effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas to an audience of fellow early career scientists.

Readers are welcome to publicly comment on any article. Comments are a great way to initiate round-table discussions or drop your 2-cents on a particular topic. But disrespectful, hateful, or possibly harmful comments can ruin the experience for all. Therefore, our editorial staff reserves the right to remove disrespectful or possibly hurtful comments.

How are blog posts reviewed and edited?

Prior to publication, blog articles undergo a brief editing process. The editing process is focused on article clarity and presentation. Our student-run editorial team works with authors to help conceptually and grammatically structure an article. This ensures that authors’ ideas are effective and efficiently communicated. The editorial staff will provide minimal revisions on the intellectual content of an article. We encourage unique, intriguing, and sometimes-controversial contributions to promote fun and productive conversations. All articles will be published in English.

Let the good times roll!

Now that you know a bit about this blog, we’d appreciate if you visit us again! 

If you have a great idea and would like to contribute an article, please contact the editorial team. We are looking forward to hearing from you!